The Arts at Golda Och Academy


Lower school students will develop music appreciation, explore harmony and rhythm, learn and sing selected songs in Hebrew and English and participate in optional instrument instruction. Our music program includes The Golden Ochtaves — our Middle School and High School choirs —which can be found making beautiful music both on and off campus. The students record a studio album every other year and perform at events around the community.
The choirs record music and perform at events on campus and around the community. A highlight of the school year is our Choir Benefit Concert in February. Our school year closes with Kolot Hayam, an annual beachfront choral festival and competition. The music is also an integral part of our theatrical productions, and students and faculty alike get involved.

All students in the Lower School participate in our general music program; however, children in grades 3-5 can opt to learn an instrument of their choice for the year. Small group lessons are offered on a weekly basis. Children in those grades can also elect to join the choir or participate in the school band, which performs throughout the year as well as at the school’s Festival of the Arts in the spring.

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  • Lower School Course Offerings (Grades 3-5)

    • Choir
    • Band
    • Instrument lessons
  • Upper School Course Offerings

    • A selection of the following courses are offered each year:
    • High School Choir
    • Senior Choir
    • Music History
    • Music Mastery
    • Intro to Music (Grade 6)
    • General Music (Grades 7-8)
    • Knowledge of basic Music Theory is emphasized and regularly worked on at the Middle School level

Samples From The Middle and High School Choirs