Annual Fund

When we say your gift means everything to our school, we mean it literally.

On both our campuses, across all our curricula, the impact of the GOA Annual Fund runs deep. Each year, charitable donations provide immediate, unrestricted resources that empower us to meet needs and seize opportunities wherever—and whenever—they arise. For students, that means receiving an excellent, one-of-a-kind education.

The Teaching and Learning Dynamism

Across the entire landscape of academia, new fields of study and more precise modalities of teaching are constantly emerging. As educational dynamics shift, the Annual Fund helps keep us on the leading edge, where we can harness the latest, greatest innovations – like social-emotional and project-based learning – and infuse them throughout our curricula. 

Student Life as Preparation for Real Life

Outside the classroom, GOA students have access to an impressive range of extracurricular programming that supports their formation as individuals in society. The Annual Fund helps our athletic, theatre, music, and fine arts programs, as well as student clubs, serve as living laboratories for teamwork, respect, creativity, diplomacy, and much more.

Open Hearts and Open Doors: Financial Aid

With Jewish and general studies curricula taught in parallel at each grade level, GOA comprises two schools within one. The cost of our rigorous and rewarding dual education is significant, but so is our commitment to affordability. That’s why we’re proud to have Annual Fund resources to support a robust and equitable financial aid program, which – on average – helps 50 percent of GOA families overcome financial barriers to enrollment. 

Jewish Life and Leadership

As a Jewish day school, GOA enables students to access their full membership in our 6,000-year-old peoplehood. In our classrooms, on our bimahs, and during special trips to Israel, they inherit a vast heritage that equips them for lifelong Jewish authenticity, engagement, ambassadorship, and leadership. The Annual Fund supports transformative, immersive learning experiences across the spectrum of Jewish religious, cultural, ethical, intellectual, and linguistic traditions.

Facilities that Facilitate Learning

Time and again, research affirms that physical spaces impact the quality of learning that takes place within them. Settings that promote safety, comfort, wellbeing, and focus help catalyze excellence in the transmission, synthesis, and retention of knowledge. At GOA, the Annual Fund plays an important ongoing role in maintaining classrooms and labs that match the excellence of our curricula and faculty.

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List of 8 frequently asked questions.

  • What is the money raised from the GOA Annual Fund used for?

    These funds support everything we do at GOA every day from academic and teaching excellence to professional development for teachers, extracurricular activities in the arts, sports and STEM. Funds also support experiential Jewish education and a multitude of leadership and enrichment opportunities for our students. The GOA Annual Fund ensures that the school can provide critical affordability and financial aid programs.
  • As current parents who already pay tuition, why is giving to the Annual Fund important?

    Like many other independent schools, annual fundraising bridges the gap between tuition and operating costs. At GOA, tuition does not cover all operating costs. Therefore, an additional $1M needs to be raised on an annual basis to ensure our school continues to deliver an excellent education to each of our students. We strive to achieve 100% parent participation at any level of support. Major donors and foundations look to parent participation as a positive indicator of community engagement and support.
  • Why do we need the support of school alumni?

    We need your help to make sure students of today have the same wonderful Jewish day school experience at SSDS/GOA. Today, more than 50% of our students rely on financial assistance to receive a Jewish day school education. The school provides more than $4 million annually to support financial aid. The GOA Annual Fund also supports alumni outreach programs such as the Alumni Professional Shabbat Dinner, College Alumni Basketball Game, freshman care packages and reunions.
  • Why do we need to give when we have a significant endowment?

    While we are blessed with a large endowment that helps ensure our future, we can only spend 5% of the endowment annually and retain the principle in perpetuity. Endowment income is also highly restricted and primarily funds financial aid and several specific donor-designated areas. Annual fundraising still comprises a critical 10% of our annual operating budget.
  • Are there giving recognition opportunities?

    We have special recognition for our donors. Those who give $5,000 and above are invited to a special Major Gifts appreciation event in a private home. Donors who give at the Chai Society level ($1,800 and above) are invited to a special event.
  • How much should we give to the GOA Annual Fund?

    Any amount that is meaningful to you—whether $18 or $18,000 or anywhere in between—makes a difference and is greatly appreciated.
  • When is my gift due?

    Gifts for the 2023-24 Annual Fund are payable through December 31, 2024. You can make your gift online now at or mail it to: Office of Development, Golda Och Academy, 1418 Pleasant Valley Way, West Orange, NJ 07052. For more information, or to learn about other ways to contribute, please contact Michael Bressman, Director of Development or call 973-602-3667.
  • How do I become more involved?

    We have a team of more than 60 volunteer workers who help with our fundraising efforts as well as grade captains who communicate with families in their classes and help ensure we have 100% participation from each grade. We are always looking for people who care deeply about Golda Och Academy and are invested in its future. If interested, please contact Michael Bressman.

GOA Annual Fund Leadership 2023-24

Pamela B. Davis ’02 (Annual Fund)
Leslie Dannin Rosenthal (GO Forward Campaign)

Mindy Schall ’97  
Pamela Davis ‘02 and Jordan Davis ’01
Rachel and Joshua ’00 Reisberg
Yuval Brokman
Keren Lebeau ’94
Barbara and Eliot Spack
Ed Zinbarg
Shari Broder
Amy Borg Glickman
Anne Kroll (Campaign Chair)

Sarah Schonfeld ’06
Becky Lustgarten ’04
Naomi Mullen ’10 (Campaign Chair)
Dan Shpilsky ’14 (Campaign Chair)

Steven Klinghoffer 

2022-2023 Impact Report