The Arts at Golda Och Academy

Our high school students put on three amazing live performances of the Addams Family musical. Let’s take a peek behind the scenes with some members of the talented cast and crew who brought this amazing production to life.

Our High School Golden Ochtaves choir remind us once again that even when times get tough,  it’s time to dance (et rekod)! We hope you enjoy their music and some special guest appearances!

Our arts program fosters creative learning and inspires students to further explore their individual passions.

Our students savor the joys of visual arts, singing, musicianship, acting and dance, and they generously share these talents with the Golda Och community — and the community at large — through frequent performances. GOA offers a strong arts program led by teachers who are professionals in their field, bringing real-world experience into their instruction. Our small class size allows for individualization of instruction and one-on-one time with each student, while multiple elective periods throughout the year allow students to explore different art forms.

Arts education begins at the youngest grades, when students use theatre,
music and dance as a kinesthetic means of learning Hebrew and other subjects.

Guiding our many efforts in the arts, an active student-run Arts Council works to promote programs as well as produces Arts in Action Night, the culminating arts event of the school year. 
At GOA, an exceptional arts program is a further expression of our integrated cross-disciplinary philosophy of education.

"GOA helped to instill a sense of self-confidence that I have taken with me in every experience since graduating. At GOA, I learned to cultivate my interests and pursue my passions."
— Noa S. ‘15
    • At GOA, we nurture our students' passions. Watch this short video to learn more about how our students find their individual success in the humanities, sciences, Judaics, creative arts and athletics to become the next generation of Jewish leaders.