Israel Education

From Pre-Kindergarten to 12th grade, Golda Och Academy helps develop in our students a love for and support of the State of Israel and Zionism that will be part of the core of their Jewish identity as adults.

Israel Education at GOA

"Through GOA’s transformative trips, Na’ale and Neshama, I was able to connect to Israel not only as the only Jewish democratic state, but as the historical and rightful homeland of the Jewish people. I know that my love for Israel, fostered by GOA, will help me maintain a strong relationship to a land that is vital to my existence as an American and a Jew."
— Harris Mevorah ‘15

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  • Photo of Meirav Kallush

    Rabbi Meirav Kallush 

    Lower School Rabbi in Residence, Director of Israel Education
    Hebrew University of Jerusalem - BA, MA
    Hebrew Union College, Jerusalem (HUC-JIR) - Rabbinic Ordination
  • Photo of Robert Kahn

    Rabbi Robert Kahn 

    Israel Field Operations Manager
    Brandeis University - BA
    University of Judaism - MHL
    Jewish Theological Seminary of America - Rabbinic Ordination
  • Photo of Noa Kolomer

    Noa Kolomer 

    Israel and Jewish Educator, Upper School
    Ben Gurion University of the Negev - BA
    Hebrew University of Jeruslaem - MA

Lower School

Our Lower School students meet regularly with our community’s Rishonim, young Israeli emissaries who are participating in a year of service in MetroWest before starting their army service. The Rishonim lead students through a sequential curriculum that goes through 9th grade, teaching students about every facet of Israel. The program is infused with music, movies, art, and celebrations that all serve to deepen our students’ knowledge and appreciation for Israel. A Lower School Israel Club reinforces the relationship between young students and Israel and allows for leadership experiences related to Israel. Weekly Hebrew Lunch and Israeli Recess are opportunities to practice Hebrew, engage with Rishonim and build confidence in themselves and their knowledge.

Middle School

Throughout their Middle School years, students continue meeting with our Rishonim. The Middle School Israel Club affords students many leadership experiences as well as opportunities to hear from Israeli visitors to our school as well as from our High School students about their Israel travel experiences on Na’ale, our 9th grade Israel trip, and Neshama, our three-month program for seniors. Building on students' lower school experience, we continue to offer fun practice of spoken Hebrew with the Rishonim as part of Hebrew classes. Infusing music, arts, politics and history this time with Rishonim is an opportunity to deepen connections, adding another layer to the Gesher Chai (living bridge) between Rishonim and our students while practicing Hebrew.  

High School

Israel – In Our Neshama (soul)!

Israel Education begins and ends with visits to Israel, bookend experiences that set the tone for their High School career and establishes Israel as part of their future.

Na’ale, our 10-day trip for 9th graders serves as a shared experience, offering students a first-hand opportunity to get to know Israel together. The trip is woven into the curriculum via activities and lesson plans in different subjects, and our students often refer back to it in their Hebrew, Judaic and general studies. We establish the Living Bridge connection with our Israeli peers during Na’ale, a connection that is developed along their High School years through Rishonim and and get-togethers (mifgashim) in Israel and the United States.

Neshama is a semester-long educational program that begins with a week in Poland followed by 12 weeks in Israel — it is the capstone of the Golda Och Academy experience. During their stay in Israel, students hike, volunteer in communities, participate in different workshops, engage in seminars on political advocacy and visit major historical, religious and cultural sites. The Neshama program enables students to perfect their Hebrew skills, witness and learn about current political issues and study Jewish history using the land as their classroom.

Israel Club student leaders work to promote awareness in our community about Israel-related issues. They lead programs about Israel, host Israelis, and educate our student body and community about current events in Israel. Israel Club students collaborate with Israel-related organizations, such as the Consulate General of Israel, Global Connections of Greater MetroWest, AIPAC, Stand With Us and others.
    • Neshama, the annual senior three-month trip to Poland and Israel, is at the heart of Golda Och Academy's meaningful experiential learning.