List of 11 members.

  • Photo of Adam Shapiro

    Adam Shapiro 

    Head of School
    Emory University - BA
    Jewish Theological Seminary of America - MA
    Day School Leadership Training Institute (JTS) - Certificate
    Harvard Graduate School of Education - Certificate
  • Photo of Jordan Herskowitz

    Jordan Herskowitz 

    Upper School Interim Principal
    The University of Tulsa - BA
  • Photo of Carrie Siegel

    Carrie Siegel 

    Lower School Principal
    Brown University - BA
    Jewish Theological Seminary of America - MA
    Day School Leadership Training Institute (JTS) - Certificate
  • Photo of Karen Spector

    Karen Spector 

    Lower School Assistant Principal
    Brandeis University - BA
    NJ Board of Education - Teaching Certification
  • Photo of Micah Gottlieb

    Micah Gottlieb 

    Director of Admissions and Enrollment Management
    Stony Brook University, SUNY - BS
    Brooklyn College - MS
    Harvard Graduate School of Education - Certificate
  • Photo of Mara Suskauer

    Mara Suskauer 

    Director of Admissions - Lower School
    Kennesaw State University - BA
    New York University - MPA
  • Photo of Julia Malaga

    Julia Malaga 

    Chief Financial Officer
    American University - BA
    George Washington University - MHSA
  • Photo of Stephanie Bash-Soudry

    Stephanie Bash-Soudry 

    Director of Institutional Advancement
    Brown University - BA
    Columbia University School of Social Work/ Jewish Theological Seminary - MSW/MA
  • Photo of Glenn Slavin

    Glenn Slavin 

    Director of Marketing and Communications
    University of Delaware - BA
    New York University - MA
  • Photo of Meirav Kallush

    Rabbi Meirav Kallush 

    Director of Israel Education and Programming
    Hebrew University of Jerusalem - BA, MA
    Hebrew Union College, Jerusalem (HUC-JIR) - Rabbinic Ordination
  • Photo of Jamie Himmelstein

    Jamie Himmelstein 

    Middle School Director, Chair of Language Arts Department - Upper School
    Johnson State College - BA


List of 21 members.

  • Photo of James Bratek

    James Bratek 

    Digital Marketing Strategist
    Montclair State University - BA
  • Photo of Matthew Chase

    Matthew Chase 

    Director of Facilities and Operations
  • Photo of Jaclyn Cistaro

    Jaclyn Cistaro 

    Development Associate
    Rutgers University - BA
  • Photo of Jay DeJesus

    Jay DeJesus 

    Maintenance Foreman - Lower School
    State of New Jersey Boiler Operator
    New Jersey Department of Health Indoor Air Quality Designated Person
    Rutgers/Center for Government Services Environmental Stewardship, Code Compliance and Sustainability
    Integrated Pest Management Training
    Toolbox Tuesday Maintenance Continuing Education
  • Photo of Kevin Edwards

    Kevin Edwards 

    Maintenance Foreman - Upper School
    State of New Jersey Boiler Operator
    Integrated Pest Management Training
    Toolbox Tuesday Maintenance Continuing Education
    OSHA Job Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessments
  • Photo of Peggy Garner

    Peggy Garner 

    Director of Business Operations
    Kean University - MS
    Montclair State University - BA
    Kean University - BS
  • Photo of Barbara Gelband

    Barbara Gelband 

    Office Manager, Student Services - Upper School
    Morristown High School - HS
  • Photo of Marshall Heath

    Marshall Heath 

    Evening Maintenance Custodian
    State of New Jersey Boiler Operator
    Toolbox Tuesday Maintenance Continuing Education
  • Photo of Della Henderson

    Della Henderson 

    Executive Assistant to the Head of School
    Pace University - Payroll Paytrain Fundamentals Certificate of Completion
    County College of Morris - Public Administration Classes
    Pace University - Essentials of Human Resources Law Certificate of Completion
    Blackbaud University - The Raiser's Edge 7 Essentials Certificate
    SkillPath - Administrative Assistants Conference
  • Photo of Crystal Hopkins

    Crystal Hopkins 

    Assistant to the Registrar - Upper School
    Asford University - BA
  • Photo of Lauren Iannia

    Lauren Iannia 

    Upper School Registrar
    Rutgers University - BA
  • Photo of Juan Lara-Salomon

    Juan Lara-Salomon 

    Evening Maintenance Foreman - Upper School
  • Photo of Michelle Moallem

    Michelle Moallem 

    Alumni Engagement Coordinator
    Rutgers Business School - MBA
    Rutgers University - BA
  • Photo of Christine Moench

    Christine Moench 

    Human Resources and Benefits Coordinator
    Central Career School - Diploma
  • Photo of Kevin Murray

    Kevin Murray 

    Evening Maintenance Custodian
    Rutgers University - Certified Public Works Manager, Licensed & Certified Recycling Professional
  • Photo of Elvis Romero

    Elvis Romero 

    Head Custodian - Lower School
    State of New Jersey Boiler Operator
    Toolbox Tuesday Maintenance Continuing Education
  • Photo of Caryn Rosenberg

    Caryn Rosenberg 

    Special Events Coordinator - Upper School
    University of the Arts (Philadelphia) - BFA
  • Photo of Tova Silberman

    Tova Silberman 

    Office Manager - Lower School
    Newark State College (now Kean University) - BA
  • Photo of Erin Sternthal

    Erin Sternthal 

    Marketing and Communications Associate
    University of Michigan - BA
  • Photo of Rahel Worku

    Rahel Worku 

    Accounts Payable Coordinator
    Rutgers University - BA
  • Photo of Yohannes Zemene

    Yohannes Zemene 

    Head Custodian - Upper School
    Ethiopia Tekdem - HS
    State of New Jersey Boiler Operator

Lower School Faculty

List of 47 members.

Upper School Faculty

List of 61 members.

  • Photo of Susan Allie

    Susan Allie 

    Science Faculty - Upper School
  • Photo of Helaina Altabef

    Helaina Altabef 

  • Photo of Janette Antiles

    Janette Antiles 

    Mathematics Faculty - Upper School
    Barnard College, Columbia University - BA
    Columbia Business School - MBA
    NJ Board of Education, Alternate Route Program - Teacher Certification
  • Photo of Steven Bayar

    Rabbi Steven Bayar 

    Judaics Faculty – Upper School
    University of Virginia - Ba
    University of Virginia - Masters
    Reconstructionist Rabbinical College - Rabbi
  • Photo of Nina Bilmes

    Nina Bilmes 

    Chair of Mathematics Department - Upper School
    Touro College - BS
    Adelphi University - MS
  • Photo of David Bockman

    Rabbi David Bockman 

    Judaics Faculty – Upper School
    Jewish Theological Seminary - MA/ Rabbinic Ordination
    University of California, San Diego - BA
  • Photo of Emily Bulbulia

    Emily Bulbulia 

  • Photo of Vardit Caspi

    Vardit Caspi 

    Chair of Hebrew Language Department - Upper School
    Haifa University - BA
    Northeastern University - MA
    Hebrew College - Certificate
    Independent School Management - Certificate
  • Photo of Robert Cohen

    Robert Cohen 

    Health/Physical Education/Driver's Education - Upper School; Girls Varsity Soccer Coach
    Montclair State University - Teaching Certification
  • Photo of Shaira Cruz

    Shaira Cruz 

    Social Studies Faculty – Upper School
    New Jersey City University - Bachelor of Arts
  • Photo of Gabriel Drouet

    Gabriel Drouet 

  • Photo of Robert Fechner

    Robert Fechner 

    Social Studies Faculty - Upper School
  • Photo of Eric Fox

    Eric Fox 

    Mathematics Faculty - Upper School
    Washington University, St. Louis - BS
  • Photo of Bradley Gerstle

    Bradley Gerstle 

    Science Faculty - Upper School
    Hebrew Union College - Hon. PhD
    University of Southern California - MA
    Hebrew Union College - MA
    University of Virginia - BA
    George Mason University - Teaching Certification
  • Photo of Howard Glatt

    Howard Glatt 

    Language Arts Faculty - High School
    Rutgers University - MA
  • Photo of Sonia Hassin

    Sonia Hassin 

    Foreign Language Faculty - Upper School
    Hebrew University - BA
  • Photo of Jonathan Hefetz

    Jonathan Hefetz 

    Language Arts Faculty - Upper School
    Binghamton University - BA
    Queens College - MS Ed
  • Photo of Sharon Hersch

    Sharon Hersch 

    Learning Specialist, Upper School
    University of Maryland - BA
    New York University - MA
  • Photo of Paul-Michael Huseman

    Paul-Michael Huseman 

    Chair of Science Department - Upper School
    Drew University - BA
    Pace University - MA
  • Photo of Lori Jaffe

    Lori Jaffe 

    Guidance Counselor - Upper School
    Temple University - MSW
    University of Georgia - BSW
    Philadelphia Child and Family Therapy Training Center - Certificate in Family Therapy
  • Photo of Arco Jeng

    Dr. Arco Jeng 

    Science Faculty - Upper School
    National Taiwan Normal University - BS
    University of Rochester - PhD
  • Photo of Shira Johnston

    Rabbi Shira Johnston 

    Judaics Faculty - Upper School
    Pomona College - BA
    Jewish Theological Seminary - MA
    Cornell University - Certificate
    Jewish Theological Seminary - Rabbinic Ordination
  • Photo of Robert Kahn

    Rabbi Robert Kahn 

    Israel Field Operations Manager
    Jewish Theological Seminary - Rabbinic Ordination
  • Photo of Denise Kanrich

    Dr. Denise Kanrich 

    Director of College Counseling
    Stony Brook University - BS
    University of Kansas - MS
    University of Massachusetts, Amherst - PhD
  • Photo of Molly Karp

    Rabbi Molly Karp 

    Judaics Faculty - Upper School
    SUNY Binghamton - BA
    Hebrew Union College - MA
    Academy for Jewish Religion - Rabbinic Ordination
  • Photo of Ilena Kasdan

    Ilena Kasdan 

    Registered Nurse - Upper School
    University of Pennsylvania - BA, BS, RN
  • Photo of Shira Kelmanovich

    Dr. Shira Kelmanovich 

    STEM Coordinator and Science Faculty - Upper School
    Union College - BS
    Union College - BS
    No - MS
    Stanford University - PhD
  • Photo of Sari Keren

    Sari Keren 

    Hebrew Faculty - Upper School
    Tel Aviv Univrsity - BA
    Ben Gurion University - MA
    Ministry of Education - Teaching Certificate
    Ministry of Education - Certificate
    The State of New Jersey, Department of Education - Certificate of Eligibility
  • Photo of Robert Klein

    Dr. Robert Klein 

    Learning Support Coordinator, Upper School
  • Photo of Dennis Kozar

    Dennis Kozar 

    Director of Athletics, Varsity Baseball Coach, Girls Middle School Soccer Coach
    Kean University - BA
    DeVry University - AS
  • Photo of Jason Langer

    Jason Langer 

    Language Arts Faculty – Upper School
  • Photo of Catherine Lasser

    Dr. Catherine Lasser 

    Judaics Faculty - Upper School
    Hobart and William Smith College - BS
    University of Wisconsin, Madison - MS, PhD
    Jewish Theological Seminary - MA, PhD
  • Photo of Yvette Lopez Grieshaber

    Yvette Lopez Grieshaber 

    Stella Adler Studio of Acting, NYC - MFA-Equivalent
    Saint Peter's College - MA in Education
    Saint Peter's College - BA in Classical Studies
  • Photo of Richard Mayer

    Rabbi Richard Mayer 

    Judaics Faculty - Upper School
    Binghamton University - BA
    Azrieli School of Jewish education - MS
    Yeshivat Pirchei Shoshanim - Rabbinical Degree
  • Photo of Liati Mayk-Hai

    Dr. Liati Mayk-Hai 

    Judaics Faculty - Upper School
    Rutgers University - BA
    Jewish Theological Seminary - PhD
  • Photo of Alejandro Meneses

    Alejandro Meneses 

    Foreign Language Faculty - Upper School
    Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico - Degree
    Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Morelos - Diploma
  • Photo of Adam Michlin

    Adam Michlin 

    Director of Technology – Upper School/Computer Science Teacher
    University of California, Santa Cruz - BS
    California State University, East Bay - MA
  • Photo of Andrew Mittleman

    Andrew Mittleman 

    Multimedia Teacher, Upper School
  • Photo of Jamie Mittleman

    Jamie Mittleman 

    Student Life Faculty – Upper School
  • Photo of Flora Musleah

    Flora Musleah 

    Dean of Faculty - Upper School
    Columbia University - BA
    Jewish Theological Seminary of America - BA, Teaching Certification
    Jewish Theological Seminary of America - MA
    Jewish New Teacher Project/New Teacher Center - Mentor Certification
  • Photo of Naomi Newberger

    Naomi Newberger 

    Mathematics Faculty - Upper School
    Brooklyn College - BS
    Yeshiva University - MS
  • Photo of Anat Niv

    Anat Niv 

    Health and Physical Education Faculty - Upper School
    Wingate College (Israel) - B.Ed. - Physical Education
  • Photo of Frederick Ober

    Frederick Ober 

    Social Studies Faculty - Upper School
    Boston University - BA
    Rutgers University, Camden School of Law - JD
  • Photo of Jamie Perrello

    Jamie Perrello 

    Science Faculty - Upper School
    Dartmouth College - AB
    University of Pennsylvania - MA
  • Photo of Ohad Porat

    Ohad Porat 

  • Photo of Sandy Pyonin

    Sandy Pyonin 

    Health and Physical Education Faculty - Upper School; Boys Middle School and Boys High School Basket
    Newark State College - BA
  • Photo of Sarah Radovici

    Sarah Radovici 

    Hebrew Faculty – Upper School
  • Photo of Craig Resmovits

    Craig Resmovits 

    Music Faculty and Choir Director, Upper School
  • Photo of Elisa Schenker

    Elisa Schenker 

    Guidance Counselor - Upper School
    Roger Williams University - BA
    University of Maryland - MSW
  • Photo of Hedva Sela Kedem

    Hedva Sela Kedem 

  • Photo of Gail Shapiro

    Gail Shapiro 

    Chair of Foreign Language, Chair of Health and Physical Education – Upper School
    Brandeis University - BA, Magna Cum Laude
    Emory University School of Law - JD
    NJAIS Leadership Institute
  • Photo of Heather Smith

    Heather Smith 

    Chair of Social Studies Department - Upper School
    New Jersey City University - MA
    Rutgers University - BA
  • Photo of Gabrielle Sonet

    Gabrielle Sonet 

    Science Faculty - Upper School
    Sarah Lawrence College - BS
    Columbia University - MA
  • Photo of Wilma Steinberg

    Wilma Steinberg 

    Language Arts Faculty - Upper School
    Pennsylvania State University - BS
  • Photo of Michael Stern

    Michael Stern 

    Social Studies Faculty - Upper School, Boys Middle School Baseball Coach
    University of Florida - M. Ed.
  • Photo of Yaakov Traiger

    Rabbi Yaakov Traiger 

    Montclair State University - MA
    University of Massachusetts at Amherst - BA
    The Principals' Center at Harvard University Graduate School of Education - Art of Leadership; Leadership; An Evolving Vision
    Rabbi Laib Schulman - Semicha (Rabbinic Ordination)
    Rabbi Aaron Gold - Semicha (Rabbinic Ordination)
    Prizmah YOU Lead Leadership Development Program - Certificate
  • Photo of Karen Ulric

    Karen Ulric 

    Librarian - Upper School
    Columbia College, Columbia University - BA
    Pratt Institute - MSLIS
  • Photo of Iscah Waldman

    Rabbi Iscah Waldman 

    Judaic Studies Department Chair - Upper School
    Columbia University - BA
    Jewish Theological Seminary - BA, MA, Rabbinic Ordination
    NYU - Completed coursework for Doctorate
  • Photo of Bethanie Watson

    Bethanie Watson 

    Arts Faculty - Upper School
    Troy University - BA
    Rutgers University - MFA
  • Photo of Adir Yolkut

    Rabbi Adir Yolkut 

    Judaic Studies, Upper School
  • Photo of Rina Yuhaev

    Rina Yuhaev 

    Hebrew Faculty - Upper School
    Oranim Academic College of Education-Israel - BA
    Hebrew college Boston - Certificate in Hebrew language teaching for Master Teachers