The Arts at Golda Och Academy

Visual and Fine Arts

The visual arts can be appreciated and created by students from the youngest to the oldest. Studio art and multimedia have a place in every student’s life, whether they are working in a traditional medium like painting or creating original graphic design with computer software. State-of-the-art equipment includes an expanded Art Room with a pottery wheel and printing press as well as two computer labs where students can work on filmmaking and graphic design.

The wide selection of course offerings in both print and digital mediums offer students the opportunity to learn more about the craft and get hands-on experience in creating artwork of their own. Each year, the senior class completes a legacy project in the form of a mural inside the school that reflects the theme of their grade.
A highlight of the 6th grade experience is the Tallit Project, where students work with both Judaics and Arts faculty to make their own tallit using the batique technique. The experience culminates with a special program where students share the tallit they created with their families. 

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  • Upper School Course Offerings

    A selection of the following courses are offered each year:
    • Two-Dimensional Art: Drawing and Painting
    • Three-Dimensional Art: Sculpture
    • Printmaking
    • Graphic Design
    • Web Design
    • Filmmaking
    • Motion Graphics
    • Studio Art – Senior Elective
    • Survey of Western Art