Community Torah Corner, June 17, 2022

Rabbi E. Samuel Klibanoff
Congregation Etz Chaim 
Livingston, NJ
Parashat Be’Ha’alotcha

In this week’s parsha we read of Aharon Hakohein’s responsibility to light the Menorah each day as part of the service in the Mishkan. The Hebrew term used, which is also the name of our parsha, is Be’Ha’alotcha. From a grammatical point of view, this word does not translate to mean “When you light the Menorah.”  More precisely, it means “When you cause the lights to go up.”  It is in the causative form - or Binyan as your Ivrit teachers have told you.

Throughout the entire school year, the teachers and administration at GOA have served as proverbial Shamashim. They have given over their expertise, knowledge and every fiber of their being to instill light and knowledge in the hearts and minds of the precious students. It is incumbent upon all of us to appreciate those who light up our lives (ala Debbie Boone) and continue to share our gifts with those around us. 

Wishing you a restful and enjoyable summer.