GOA Delegation Excels At NJ Model Congress

We are so proud of our GOA Model Congress delegation, who represented us beautifully at New Jersey Model Congress at Rider University last week. This year, GOA's delegation competed against more than 200 students from 17 schools across the state.
Shayne C. won a position as Independent Party leader, which was only one of only six such positions. He helped to set party policy and argued in all committees and the full House and Senate. Shayne not only won a Model Congress gavel for his leadership but won a peer nominated Outstanding Delegate award.
Austin C. won one of 12 positions as party whip, negotiating votes and maintaining party discipline.
Two of our students, Aly B. and Nomi H., successfully navigated the legislative process and got their bills passed through Congress. Only about 25 of the 250 bills offered at this conference succeed at this level.
The success of the delegation is due to be hard work and enthusiasm of every member of the delegation, including Noga A., Danielle B., Rose B., Jolie F., Oren G., Abigail H., Marissa J., Maya L. and Rachel N., who all did outstanding work and deserve our congratulations for a wonderful showing this year.