Student Services

Our goal is to assist all students to acquire the skills, knowledge, and values needed to become effective students, responsible citizens, and committed members of the Jewish community. We believe that each student has unique capabilities, has dignity and worth, can learn and grow and can become a responsible adult. In order to help our students develop into mature and competent individuals an environment that offers security and develops independence is provided.

List of 3 items.

  • Guidance Counseling

    The guidance program is both developmental and comprehensive. It identifies educational, personal/ social, and college goals (Upper School) to be addressed at each grade level and skills to be developed as students achieve each goal. To reach these ends the guidance counselors offer the following:

    • Academic Student Placement: Placing students in appropriate level classes is the responsibility of the guidance counselor and department chairs at the Upper School and guidance counselor and administration at the Lower School. They review teacher recommendations, test scores, academic performance and class composition to make the best possible placement for each student. Placement is done with extreme care to ensure that the students’ academic and developmental needs will be met.
    • Individual, small group and large group guidance sessions: Direct service to students is a priority and the guidance counselors lead grade level groups which focus on the current issues of the class.
    • Coordination of Student Transition: Guidance oversees the transition of fifth graders into Middle School. Orientations are also held for all entering ninth grade students to assist with the transition. The guidance counselors pay careful attention to the adjustments that each student is making into his/her school environment.
    Guidance counselors are available throughout the day to meet with students about academic issues, social concerns and/or personal difficulties and to help them have a successful experience at Golda Och Academy. Parents are welcome to arrange appointments with their child’s guidance counselor to discuss student adjustment to school, grades or future plans.
  • GO Connect

    This new program at Golda Och Academy makes Jewish day school education accessible to students without prior day school background by gradually transitioning them into the Judaics curriculum at any grade level. Entering students work independently and in small groups to build Jewish literacy and skills as they are gradually transitioned into our regular Judaics curriculum, which is designed to help students connect to our rich tradition. Students in this program take classes in all general studies subjects.

    More information about GO Connect is available by request. Please contact the Office of Admissions, 973-602-3601.
  • Limud

    Through our Limud program, eligible students with specific learning needs are offered the following support services to enable them to optimize their learning potential. Learning specialists work as point persons or case managers and liaison with students, faculty, families and out-of-school specialists. Students are coached, individually or in groups, on effective learning, study, organization and self-advocacy techniques. Teachers receive a Student Learning Profile (SLiP) for each Limud student, comprised of a description of a student’s learning profile, suggested teaching strategies recommended for that student as well as, for eligible students, a limited listing of classroom and testing accommodations. Fuller descriptions of Limud services and procedures are by request.