Middle School

Physical, Mental, and Social Growth

We allow our students increased independence in learning, and lead them through a rigorous and meaningful dual curriculum that is appropriate for this age and phase of life. Because this is an age of accelerated growth and change, our faculty provides a stable and supportive base from which students can become increasingly independent. We believe in open communication, limit-setting, and lots of love. Our tefillah and formal and informal Jewish Studies programs supports the skills that students will need for b’nai mitzvah. Students transition from our Middle School to our High School ready to tackle new academic challenges and increased growth of their Jewish identity and knowledge.

Our Middle School curriculum is integrated, yet carefully tailored for each grade. Sixth graders transition to a Middle School environment by remaining in the same classroom with a lead teacher. The seventh and eighth grades “travel,” switching classrooms and teachers for each academic subject, giving them a taste of greater freedom and independence. During seventh grade, most students turn 13 and celebrate with each other as they become b’nai mitzvah. We recognize the excitement and pressure of this year and work to help our students grow socially, academically, and religiously. Eighth graders prepare for the rigor of High School. They accept more responsibility for their learning; yet, they also enjoy the freedom of more academic options — and they learn to choose wisely. In eighth grade, students are able to begin studying Spanish, if they choose.

By the time they leave Middle School, our eighth graders have also learned to be role models to younger students, and gained greater understanding of the importance of leadership within the context of a Jewish community.

List of 3 members.

  • Ilena Kasdan 

    Nurse - Upper School
    University of Pennsylvania - BA in Science, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Christine Stodolski 

    Upper School Principal, Chair of Science Department - Upper School
    Swarthmore College - BA
    Columbia University, Klingenstein Center - MA
  • Jamie Himmelstein 

    Director of Middle School, Chair of Language Arts Department - Upper School
    Johnson State College - BA