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  • November 10, 2019

    As you’ve seen in the pictures it’s been a very busy emotional day. With a visit to Yad Va’shem (holocaust museum)  followed by a visit to Mt Hezl, which was even more special as today is the  Yahrzeit for Yitzhak Rabin (the 12th of Cheshvan) it’s been 24 years since he was murdered. Between visits they had time for lunch and play in one of Jerusalem most iconic playground – the Mifletzet- the monster playground in Kiryat Yovel. Followed by volunteering at Yad Sara time at shuk Machne Yehuda and journaling time before heading to bed.
    I am often asked why Naale don’t visit one site or the other? Why don’t they climb Masada etc.. I love the questions mostly because I love the answer: We don’t need to cover every kilometer on Naale, our students have the opportunity to be in Israel for 3 months during their final senior semester.

    Chava wrote todays update, with good feedback, which I passed on to Shlomit, my friends who’s the education director of the Herzl Museum. Hopefully by the time the grade is on Neshama the exhibit will change.

    This morning we went to Yad Vashem. It was very emotional and shocking and left us all silent for some time. Seeing all those faces and objects of people that didn't make it was painful. We also went to Har Herzl which was informative and hopeful if a little cheesy because the message was important but the acting was very forced. Yad Sarah was very cool because it showed a different form of healthcare that was people relying on each other. At night we went to shuk mechena yehuda. There we were able to try lots of different foods and shop.”
  • November 11, 2019

    If you’ve ever been to Ein Gedi you know how oddly exciting it is to hear gushing water while in the desert, and how much fun it is to stand under the waterfall. Russel shared his experience:
    Starting off today with a beautiful hike at Ein Gedi, we learned something very interesting - even though we are so close to the dead sea with water that is very salty making it harmful to drink, there is safe drinking water very close. There were streams that were just across the road from the Dead Sea. The people at the time were so grateful that they built a temple nearby so that God knew they were appreciative of the gift. Then we were off to the Dead Sea, for an incredible experience where we could float in the water. In addition, we rubbed Dead Sea mud on our bodies, enhancing our skin. “
    The Dead Sea is always a highlight of Naale, and today it got even better thanks to Paula Spack (aka Morah Pnina) who came all the way from Be’er Sheva to visit. Paula is an Alumna, a proud parent of three alumni and a passionate, dedicated educator and teacher. Paula had many of our Naale students at her Kita Alef (first grade class)together with Michael (her husband) they made Aliya the summer of 2018.
  • November 8, 2019

    Daniel Shapiro wrote the update for Friday:
    “Today, wow, today, was a, how do I put this...amazing! One of if not the best activities I have ever done on a trip. We went into archeological dig sites and learned about the expansive cave system and the city in Maccabee time. It was pure joy to see all the artifacts and bring the history to life.”
    It’s been ages since I dug Israel, yet I still remember the excitement Daniel is describing – it really bring history to life! It also makes eating, sniffing and being covered with dirt worth it J
    Following that, Naale had lunch including pitas they baked on their own from scratch, including lighting the fire (video attached) It all got them ready to welcome Shabbat. Following Kabalat Shabbat and dinner they celebrated together Oneg Shabbat, singing, chatting, enjoying relaxed fun activities led by Israeli madrichim. In the morning students could chose which synagogue to go to, most of the grade went to Shira Chadasha, an orthodox egalitarian minyan, other went to the Conservative shul right by Agron and one student went with a Madrich to the great synagogue, an orthodox shul with a Chazan whose also an opera singer (common in the states but very uncommon in Israel).
  • November 7, 2019

    Like all other days on Naale, this was too a long, fun, meaningful experience: Tfila at the egalitarian kotel surrounded by many families celebrating their childs bar/bat Mitzva together with no barriers, a scavenger hung in the Jewish quarter - getting to know the history of the people, the buildings and what the archeological digs reveled about life during second temple period, the mandatory Ice Aroma and walking up and down Ben Yehuda street.

    Grace wrote todays update:
    “Today was a meaningful day at the kotel. For some it was their first experience which made today so special. We were able to write down prayers and put them into the wall which expanded our connection with Judaism. It was an incredibly meaningful experience to see what we have learnt in school all come to life. We also got the privilege to daven shacrit at the egalitarian section  of the kotel. This was a unique experience in which allowed me to feel more connected to God and I felt that my classmates were more engaged in the service than usual. 

    Tomorrow is Shabbat. I think that Shabbat will also have more meaning to me because we are in Jerusalem. I can’t wait to experience this unique opportunity tomorrow.”
  • November 6, 2019

    As you’ve seen in the pictures, today was quite the day! Form studying Talmud and checking acoustics in Tzipori to herding sheep in Neot Kdumim! By now students are (hopefully) sleeping. Boaz wrote about their expereince : “Today we visited Tzippori. We walked in the roads that years ago, Romans walked and Rabbi Yehoshua HaNasi taught on. We also herded goats, just like our ancestors Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and made Za'atar and picked grapes.”
    Tomorrow is one of my favorite days on Naale, the first full day in Jerusalem. I love it, not only because Jerusalem is the greatest city in the world, but also because it’s a bus-free day! Naale will be walking  from Agron youth hostel to the old city, touring the Jewish quarter, walking down the many steps leading to the Kotel, the breath taking view of the Western Wall, Robinsons arch, Temple Mount, and the Judean desert appear midway. Tomorrow is the day where past, present and future come together. It gives students energy for the rest of the week, and ruach (spirit)to walk back up to Agron for some down town and walking to Ben Yehuda for dinner.  
  • November 5, 2019

    One of the greatest things about the Hebrew curriculum we use at the upper school (B’shvil Ha’Ivrit = in the path of Hebrew) is that students get to learn about Israel’s history, culture, nature and more, they touch on the past and the present. In one of our preparation meetings I spoke about the visit to the Hula Valley – in a matter of seconds half the class was up on their feet with excitement, telling the history of the valley, explaining about migrating birds, how farmers in the area deal with what could be a danger to their crops and more. They were excited to visit the place they learned about and I was excited to see our GOA Israel education comes to life. So after a long Sunday and Monday, a good night sleep and the mandatory northern hike, Naale made their way to the valley to see firsthand all they have learned about and to enjoy golf carts and riding bicycles.  In Sophie Fischer’s words: “Today, the 9th grade spent their second day in Israel hiking the Tel Dan trail, and going on a five mile bike ride. We then visited Tiberius and saw Rambam’s grave and had some fun free time. We had such a great time and we cannot wait to see what tomorrow has in store!”
    Tomorrow (Wednesday) after a visit to Tzipori they will begin their journey to Jerusalem with a stop at Neot Kdumim and the Modi’in mall for dinner and family/friends visit.
    The fourth/fifth days of Naale are usually when the group experiences an emotional and physical low – the excitement and adrenaline of the flight-being together-new food-being away from home-rooming-youth hostel- madrichim etc wears off a little. The good news is, that it too shall pass, by Friday afternoon spirits are up again. If you receive a call, text, email that is less cheerful please guide, encourage and listen to them through the moment, encourage them to speak with their Madrichim, to write in their journal and to go to sleep!!
  • November 4, 2019

    Karen Ulric wrote an update about the first day in Israel:
    It was a long, exciting first day of Na’ale! Very little plane sleep and so we powered through on the adrenaline of being in Israel. Donkey riding was a hit, and a variety of pet names were devised for the noble steeds including “Penelope.” After Mincha at the Ancient Synagogue of Arbel, students tackled the challenging Arbel hike in warmer than usual weather with enthusiasm and trepidation. I think they felt both extremely accomplished and exhausted at the end. A quiet evening with some chance to reflect this evening at our hostel, and I think most will be falling into bed early.

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