Clubs and Activities

A wide variety of clubs and activities are available to all students at Golda Och Academy. Clubs provide a forum for enrichment, student leadership, creativity and collaboration. All our clubs are student led, and faculty advisers work closely with club members to set goals, plan activities and publicize students’ achievements. Students have the opportunity to explore individual interests and develop their unique talents. Many students choose to participate in multiple clubs. Leadership opportunities are available for students in all grades.

Golda Och Academy also offers at least one Shabbaton experience per year for students in grades 8-12. There are grade-level Shabbatonim, a Leadership Shabbaton and an All-High School Shabbaton. These Shabbatonim provide wonderful opportunities for students to bond with their friends, enjoy Shabbat in ways that are new and exciting and create some long-lasting memories.

A sampling of past and current clubs at GOA includes:

Lower School

Art Club
Book Club
Environmental Club
Israel Club
Israeli Dance
LEGO Robotics
Math Club
The Spark Newspaper

Upper School

Art Club
Arts Council
Breaking the Chain
Breast Cancer Awareness
Business Club
Catwalk for Cancer
Community Clothing Club
Current Events Club
Dance Club
Debate Club
Gay-Straight Alliance
Gender Equality Club
Girls Who Code
Israel Advocacy and Education
Israel Club
L'Mad/National Honor Society
Military Appreciation Club
Mock Trial
Model Congress
Model UN
Nuts and Raisins
Play 54
Science Enrichment Club
Student Council
The Flame