Teams and Coaches


Girls Middle School Soccer Mike Kriak 
Boys Middle School Soccer Dennis Kozar
Girls Middle School Tennis TBA
Girls Varsity Soccer Robert Cohen
Boys Varsity Soccer Juan Pintado
Girls Varsity Tennis Sandy Glatt
Boys/Girls Varsity Cross Country Chris Troyano
Girls Varsity Volleyball Michael Karu
Girls Junior Varsity Volleyball
Middle School Cross Country
Josh Breitman


Girls Middle School Basketball Josh Breitman/Aaron Breitman
Boys Middle School Basketball Sandy Pyonin
Boys Junior Varsity Basketball Grant Mayes
Girls Varsity Basketball Josh Breitman/Aaron Breitman
Boys Varsity Basketball Sandy Pyonin
Middle School Volleyball John Chang and Patrick Ernst
Coed Middle School Swimming TBA
Coed Varsity Swimming Leann Winn


Girls Middle School Softball Aaron Breitman
Boys Middle School Baseball Mike Stern
Girls Varsity Softball Cory Berger
Boys Varsity Baseball Frank Genova
Boys Middle School Tennis Amanda Buyes
Boys Varsity Tennis Sandy Glatt
Boys Varsity Volleyball John Chang
Boys Junior Varsity Volleyball Patrick Ernst
 Girls Junior Varsity Lacrosse                                             Kyle McCourt