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Choosing a Jewish day school education for your child is an important decision, and we recognize the choice you have made to invest in your child’s Jewish education.

We think of financial aid as an investment in your family. Like you, we look toward building on our rich community and traditions and endeavor to inspire and educate tomorrow’s leaders – your children. Here at Golda Och Academy, we work in partnership with every family to bring the cost of our incomparable education within reach.

Golda Och Academy is able to invest in the education of future Jewish leaders due to the extraordinary generosity of loyal donors and alumni. We are extremely grateful for the support of Paula and Jerry Gottesman Family Foundation and the Jane and Dan Och Family Foundation for bringing our middle income affordability program to life.

Learn How GOA's Tuition Reduction Options May Be Right For You

December 31, 2018
TADS and Tuition MAX applications due

April 15, 2019
Federal Income Tax Form 1040 due
All schedules due

Which Program Should I Apply For?

What is my AGI?
You can find your Adjusted Growth Income (AGI) on Line 37 of your IRS 1040 Form.

My AGI is less than $150,000
Click here to apply for traditional Financial Aid.

My AGI is between $150,000 and $325,000. I have mostly W-2 income and less than $500,000 in liquid assets, excluding home equity. I am happy to pay between 10% and 15% of my AGI and don't want to share all of my financial details.
Click here to apply for Tuition MAX.

My AGI is between $150,000 and $325,000 but I don't meet the other eligibility requirements of the MAX program, or I have extraordinary expenses.
Click here to apply for traditional Financial Aid.

I still can't decide!
When in doubt, apply for traditional Financial Aid.

2018-2019 Tuition

Base Tuition     Per Year   Per Month
Pre-K $14,000   $1,167
Grades K-5 $22,250   $1,854
Grades 6-8 $27,220   $2,268
Grades 9-11 $33,400   $2,783
Grade 12 $28,200   $2,350

What's The Difference Between MAX and Traditional Financial Aid?

List of 2 items.

  • Tuition MAX Program

    • Simple application and first two pages of tax return (unless you have Schedule C or E income)
    • No disclosure of detailed financial information
    • Liquid assets (excluding home equity and retirement) must be below $500,000 to qualify
    • Tuition calculated as a percent of income, between 10% and 15%
  • Traditional Financial Aid

    • Full disclosure of assets, liabilities, and expenses
    • Full tax return submission and independent verification of application materials
    • Tuition calculated based on your personal financial situation

Jewish Communal Professional Discount

Families with at least one parent working as a qualified Jewish Communal Professional will receive an automatic discount of $1,500 (per family, not per child).  All that is required is to answer the employment questions at the time of enrollment (no application!).
  • Eligibility:  one parent must be working full time as clergy in a synagogue, a director level position in a synagogue or a management level position at a Jewish Federation or Federation affiliated Jewish agency.
  • Restrictions:  while this discount can supplement financial aid, it may not reduce the family’s tuition below the policy minimum. 

Webinar: Paying for GOA, An Investment in Your Family, presented by Julia Malaga, Chief Financial Officer, Golda Och Academy

2018-2019 Bus Fees

Round Trip
One Way or
Half Year
One Way
Bergen County 5,200 3,120 1,560
Essex County*
4,245 2,547 1,274
Middlesex County/Raritan Valley
5,200 3,120 1,560
Morris County
5,200 3,120 1,560
Passaic County
5,200 3,120 1,560
Somerset County
5,835 3,501 1,751
Union County
4,900 2,940 1,470
Central Stop Credit**
(1,500) (750) (375)

* West Orange, Livingston, and South Orange/Maplewood residents are eligibile for busing provided by the towns. This fee schedule is for residents of other Essex County towns who require private transportation.

** If you are required to drop-off and pick-up at a central stop that is not in your town, you can receive a credit against the bus fee. This credit will be applied once all routes are finalized and will not be reflected at the time of enrollment.

The one-way fee is more than 50% of the round trip fee due to a discount built-in for round trip transportation.
"We would like to thank GOA and the Och Family for the generous tuition gift. We are very happy with the education our son receives at GOA and it is your generous tuition assistance that makes it possible for us to send him. The sense of community, Yiddishkeit, and the love of Israel that GOA instills in him daily, will last a lifetime.  Thank you again for affording our family this opportunity. As SSDSEU alumni, we take great pride in sending our children to GOA."

—Golda Och Academy Family


More details about financing your Golda Och Academy education can be obtained from our Business Office, 973-602-3793.