Academic Excellence

Our Vision

Golda Och Academy leads students on an educational journey that imbues knowledge with personal and religious meaning. In the tradition of Solomon Schechter schools, we create a compassionate and ethical community based on Jewish values, focusing on the concepts of derekh eretz (respect for oneself and others) and tikkun olam (making the world a better place). These ideals find expression daily in the communication between teachers and students, and among the students themselves. A dual education at Golda Och Academy promotes an environment of discovery — instilling an appreciation of liberal arts, science and fine arts — while also enriching students with the rich traditions and learning of Jewish texts and practices.

Educational Philosophy

At Golda Och Academy, we guide each student to achieve his or her unique intellectual, creative, and social potential through an enduring commitment to academic excellence and Jewish values.

We encourage our students to be intellectually curious, analytical and independent thinkers, and to contribute to the advancement of the arts and sciences. Through a rigorous and challenging dual curriculum, our students become lifelong learners. Our graduates embody the value of Torah lishma (teaching for its own sake) and are open-minded, curious, critical and imaginative.

Our Faculty

To question is to learn.

Instilling curiosity and love of learning at every grade level, our faculty is dedicated to meeting the needs of each and every student. Teachers at Golda Och Academy bring training, experience and professionalism to their classrooms. Skilled at a dual curriculum, our educators implement — and surpass — New Jersey Department of Education core curriculum standards while also imparting a traditional Jewish education. All are knowledgeable about current educational practices and skillful at implementing them in the classroom. Our teachers use a variety of approaches, but gear their methods to providing growth and stimulation for every child. Personal attention and good communication — with both students and parents — ensure a smooth transition between grades and stages of intellectual and social development.