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  • Update: Maya Wasserman, interning under Administrator Garth McKee at Sacks Communications

    This is my fourth week working for Sacks Communications. Sacks Communications’ mission is Creating Opportunities from Possibilities. That’s what they do for their clients every day as they work to provide communication solutions that build their business. One of their largest clients, and the one I spend the most time on, is the Women’s Builders Council (WBC), which helps women in the construction industry by providing legislative advocacy, new business development and professional development with a special focus on leadership. I work an 8-hour day on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.
    My first week I filed papers. Essentially, I organized and filed every paper from 2006 until 2019. Tax returns, memos, position papers….to me, really boring stuff. Although everyone was nice to me, I felt like maybe they didn’t know my skills or that I’m worthy of something more; however, I knew that they were relying on me to file the many, many (many) piles of paper that were invading their workspace and I took it as a challenge: I finished it in the first 3-day week.
    My second week they gave me a more meaningful task: writing bios for WBC’s Advocacy Day. Since advocacy is my passion, this task was right up my alley! I also met with the President and CEO to talk about my goals for this internship.  I started to feel like maybe they did understand my skills that I was capable of more.
    My third week we were getting ready for our first event for their main client Women Builders Council (WBC). I made calls to the Board of Directors asking to make sure they were attending as well as the other attendees. I helped write, design and proof the program for the event. While doing that I started working on other longer-term projects with my supervisor and some of the other people in the office. I was starting to feel like part of the team.
    This past week was unusually busy, as the WBC event was in the middle of the week. On Tuesday, while keeping up with my daily tasks, I proofed and printed the name tags for the event. When I came in on Wednesday, I was tasked with calling the board members to remind them of the event.  Packaging all the materials we needed for the event and assembling the name badges took all day, and the event was after work hours.  It was fulfilling to greet the participants and see the final product of my work - women were networking and engaging with inspiring speakers.
    While these tasks might seem minute, they really signify something greater: trust. What these past few weeks have taught me is that in the professional world, you can’t just be elected or appointed to a position and expect your colleagues to trust you. You need to do the seemingly mundane tasks to show that you can handle simple directions. Gaining people’s respect and confidence in your work product by doing some of these seemingly simple tasks is fulfilling. I’m excited to go back to Sacks next week - we have an all-day conference and I know I will get great value from assisting in the planning as well as be a valuable resource to them. I am learning the professional world a little better, and I like it!