Announcing Our Middle School Excellence Awards

Dear GOA Families,
I am pleased to announce that our Board of Trustees recently authorized the creation of a new GOA Middle School Excellence Award. Open to new and continuing students, this award is meant to highlight the core values of our school’s mission: Love of Learning, Community, Respect, Love for Israel, Commitment to Repairing the World and Inspiring Jewish Life and Learning. Applicants will compose a brief essay describing how they exemplify excellence in one of these values and submit a letter of reference. Winners will receive awards of up to $10,000 per year, renewable through ninth grade. These awards may be combined with need-based financial aid. For more information, please see the program description below.
Golda Och Academy is blessed with an extraordinary faculty, student body, families and facilities. Our GO Connect program helps students who are new to Jewish day school gain the Hebrew language and text skills needed to thrive here. We integrate general and Jewish studies, feature an extraordinary STEM lab, and incorporate project-based learning across our program. Robust offerings of competitive sports, theater, choir, clubs and travel round out our academic program. We are especially proud of our High School trips to Israel in 9th and 12th grades. 
The GOA Board of Trustees has made recruitment and retention at the Middle School level an institutional investment priority. Our intention with this award is to lift up our school’s values, recognize our students who demonstrate our values with excellence and attract new students to join our program. If you know a prospective student who would be a good candidate for this award, please contact our Office of Admissions at or 973-602-3645.
Wishing you a hag sameah,
Rabbi Daniel Nevins
Head of School

GOA Middle School Excellence Award
Golda Och Academy is pleased to announce our Middle School Excellence Award for 6th, 7th and 8th grade students who demonstrate excellence in the values on which our school was founded. Each of these values is described on our website. We ask applicants for this award to choose one of these values and explain its sources and significance in their life together with a letter of recommendation from a professional (i.e, Rabbi, teacher, coach).
This generous scholarship of up to $10,000 is available for rising 6th, 7th and 8th grade students entering from other schools and is renewable for students in good standing each year through 9th grade. Students who are new to Jewish Day School thrive in our Go Connect program designed to assist students to successfully transition into our rigorous dual-curriculum. New students will apply for the award in conjunction with the standard admissions application (which can be found here or by contacting our Office of Admissions at, 973-602-3645). 
Current GOA students rising into our 6th, 7th and 8th grades in 2022-23 are eligible to apply for three (3) Middle School Excellence Awards of up to $10,000, renewable for students in good standing each year through 9th grade. GOA continues its generous program of need-based aid, which may be combined with these scholarships.
All students who wish to apply for an Excellence Award must compose an original essay of about 500 words exploring the sources and significance of a GOA mission value that they feel they exemplify. This essay, together with a letter of recommendation from a professional (i.e, Rabbi, teacher, coach), must be submitted along with the admissions application for new students by June 17, 2022, or for current students by May 2, 2022. Please complete this form to begin the award application process. Current GOA students, once we have submitted your interest form you will receive instructions for submitting your Excellence Award application. Recipients will be selected by the Awards Committee.