New Whiteboard Walls Transform Upper School Classrooms

Our Middle School math students as well as some high school classes are greatly benefiting from new whiteboard walls that have been implemented in three classrooms in our Upper School campus. The idea, which was initiated by Upper School Math teacher Eric Fox, came to fruition this past summer after Upper School Math Department Chair Nina Bilmes received a grant to transform one wall in each of three math classrooms as part of the Fund for Faculty Innovation and Excellence that rewards teachers with resources to implement unique and cutting-edge plans for the classroom.
Ms. Bilmes, who had attended a site visit to the Shefa School in New York City with Quest and a professional development event at Montclair State University, saw the benefits of the whiteboard walls in action.  In addition to giving students ample space to complete a math problem and show their work neatly, the whiteboard walls have been used to review for assessments as well as to play games. It has been a great way to encourage teamwork and collaboration and engage students during class. Some classes have even used it as an interactive message board, leaving messages for other classes.
“It has been wonderful to see the excitement from students who are so eager to use the whiteboards,” said Ms. Bilmes. “The whiteboard walls have definitely helped increase student participation and have been a great asset to our Middle School math classes.”