High School STEM Program

The High School STEM program is a three-and-a-half-year course designed for students with a strong interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics that students take in lieu of a second world language. The program uses inquiry based, project-based, hands-on learning to focus on the application of STEM to daily life, employment and the surrounding environment. Along with other STEM students from the tri-state area, our students attend a Young Engineers Conference each spring to present their Capstone projects.
They will concurrently take Biology (9th grade), Chemistry (10th grade), and Physics (11th grade).

In the STEM program, students will focus on the application of science, technology, engineering and math to everyday life, employment and the surrounding environment. Through collaborative, group work and hands-on activities students will learn important problem-solving skills, use the engineering process to become innovative thinkers and become self confident in their ability to research, design and implement creative solutions to real-world engineering problems. Throughout the course, students will also focus on teamwork, developing their presentation skills and exploring STEM-related subjects in current events.