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GOA Good News Page

A compilation of accolades we are receiving from our community regarding GOA’s response to in-person and remote learning, community engagement, and health and safety during the coronavirus pandemic. Share your experience with us! #RoadrunnerPride
“We could not be more delighted with GOA not only for the excellence of its academic programs and the caring kindness of its faculty, but this year especially, we are so impressed with all the planning and execution of those plans to keep our grandchildren safe.”  
"Not only one of the few High Schools to have parent/teacher conferences at this level, but having the student as an integral part, creates an open dialogue & an assessment for them as a learner. The bond between the teacher & student is therefore strengthened. Undoubtedly when children feel safe, they flourish. What a thought out & successful model." 
“Keep up the Good Work!” 
We were so excited to drop off [our daughter] this morning! You all did an incredible job with remote learning, but it was a week that poignantly reminded us how grateful we are for in-person instruction. We are so grateful to each of you. 
We too want to send our gratitude for all of the work you did leading up to and during this week of remote instruction. We were so impressed with how organized, engaged, and independent [our son, in Lower School] was with his school work and we know that he owes that success entirely to you!
I just wanted to say how much I’m in awe of our first grade team!
Thank you for all your hard work in making remote learning for this week as seamless, organized and fun as possible!
I have to also commend all of you on your patience – it’s no small feat dealing with first graders online.
Wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for all that you have done to keep the partnership with PM Pediatrics going. We were in and out in less than 5 minutes today.  There is NOBODY in this country who is getting tested this easily.  AND, the fact that my daughter is so used to it at this point and doesn't even flinch is amazing.  The staff is really excellent. They make jokes to keep the kids comfortable and when [my daughter] told the nurse that it hurt last time, the nurse was so gentle with her and made her feel extra comfortable assuring her it wouldn't hurt this time--and it didn't  :)

We are SO lucky and we are so grateful to you.
My husband and I were in and out of the room this week and heard each of you teaching. Our respect and admiration for you has only deepened. You all display such patience and kindness managing all the questions and the technology issues while trying to teach.  You succeeded in imparting real learning this week - cvc words, Shemot, tens and ones columns. Thank you. Thank you so much.
As we attended our 11:30pm PM Pediatric tele-health in order to screen and come back to campus, it was so lovely and heart-warming to hear the doctor express her awe at the Golda Och community. She shared, “absolutely every single person I have spoken to from your academy has been so kind and appreciative-it makes it so easy to do my job.” Yasher Koach, GOA!
“We are so delighted with the excellent education that our granddaughter is receiving at the Golda Och Academy."  
Thank you to you and all of GOA's Heroes!
"Thank you so much for including my story in the alumni newsletter! It makes me so happy to see what I could so with a SSDS education and what my fellow alumni can do."
To [our son's] “Superheroes”,
We wanted to thank each and everyone of you for a terrific week of remote learning. We know how much work it takes to go back and forth from in-person and remote learning and are beyond appreciative that the kids are constantly engaged. The transition was seamless and all that hard work and organization paid off. [Our son] was extremely prepared, motivated, and happy throughout the week and that is all thanks to you! Can’t thank you enough for everything!
I wanted to reach out and say a big thank you for helping remote week run smoothly. The teachers patience and smiles through the remote learning was amazing encouraging and appreciated.

We also really appreciate all of the prep work you have done to help the children be as independent as they can be. The booklets really helped [our son] be organized and independent on his own. The practice with sea-saw in school has really helped [our son] become so independent it was amazing for me to watch. I especially liked the breakout room for more personalized help with the material given. He can not wait to go back to school.

Thanks you all again for all that you did and continue to do!